Old Time Pack Trips on Horseback

Old Time Pack Trips on Horseback

By Doris Platts. 2016; softcover; 8.5x11, 80+pp.

From the back cover:

Why Would ANYONE Want To Go On A Wilderness Horse Pack Trip?

The most likely reason might be that the rider loves horses, that on the trip you'd ride the same horse for the entire trip, groom it, saddle it, have it as "yours," and perhaps experience a trip that tastes like a bit of the old west.

Others might want to go to "see what's out there" or view in person the sights which they have been told about.

Moreover, there are those who have gone to summer camps as kids or have had other previous camping experiences and loved it.

Finally, there are those who want to go on an extended trip for all the reasons. They are thrilled by the prospect of adventure. Are they ready to cope with the predictable and the unpredictable? the easy and the not so easy? to create solutions to challenges? to be without cell phones? TV? freeze dried foods? ... and to be both wide-eyed and confident and happy all at the same time?

Go for it, friend!