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The Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum relies on generous contributions from our members and supporters to support our daily operations as well as new initiatives.

The Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum along with the Town of Jackson and Teton County, have a rare opportunity to establish a permanent home for the JHHSM through land purchase, historic preservation, and strategic partnership.  The community, spearheaded by the Jackson Hole Land Trust and an anonymous local family, have committed to permanently protecting and preserving the historic Genevieve Block, a critical cultural and natural resource in downtown Jackson. This block will be a synergistic combination of small local businesses, public green space, and Jackson Hole heritage.

The JHHSM is officially partnering with the Save the Block Coalition to purchase the southeast portion of the block for the purpose of creating a history center campus. The Genevieve Block partnership is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to not only preserve that block and anchor it, but to allow us to provide services that remind old timers, newcomers, locals and visitors alike that we are Jackson Hole.

This campus will:

  • Complement the rest of the block, while providing a permanent and stable home for our local history organization and a public space for our community
  • Include historic buildings plus new construction.
  • Accommodate year-round history and local, community-focused exhibits, on-site field trips and youth activities, public programming and events, and the JHHSM archives and research center.
  • Host community-focused programming and support collaboration, interaction, and community-building with our nonprofit and local leader partners.
  • Allow for full consolidation, a permanent home, a more efficient use of space, and the prominent display and protection of important historical buildings.

The time to act is now.  We have one chance to make this work.

The total project budget is $8.8 million, which includes land acquisition, relocating and rehabilitating historic buildings, site development and new construction. To fund this project, we are seeking SPET and donations. 

We need your vote in November and we need your philanthropic support. 

Thank you for supporting this project!

*Your donation will be eligible to receive a tax-deductible charitable contribution.