History Advocate

History Advocate


  • Membership card
  • Free admission to our two Museums (2 adults)
  • 15% off discount on purchases in Store
  • Print copy of our Chronicle publication
  • Membership in North American Reciprocal Museum Association with benefits at 1,000+ museums 
  • One historic print from the JHHSM collection*
  • Annual members-only mug with pre-printed historic print*
  • Your choice of one of four Jackson Hole history books*

To show how much we appreciate our members, when becoming a new member or renewing your existing membership, we want to give you a free book!

Choose any one of these titles:

  1. And That’s the Way It Was in Jackson’s Hole, 2nd Edition by Jack Huyler
  2. Windows to the Past: Early Settlers in Jackson Hole by Bonnie Kreps
  3. Preserving the Game in the Vanishing West, by J. R. Jones
  4. Sagebrush to Silver Dollars: The Jackson State Bank, by Charlie Craighead

*Mug, Print, and Book must be picked up at our 225 N Cache Museum location.